Acute and long-term effects of exercise on human body

Investigation of the acute, short-term and long-term effects of different exercise modalities (aerobic exercise, strength training, flexibility training, neuromotor training, combined training programs, whole-body vibration training etc.) on different systems of human body (i.e. musculosceletal, cardiovascular, respiratory system etc.), on specific indices of physical fitness and health as well as on quality of life..

Design and implementation of training programs for promotion of health and for performance enhancement

Design, implementation and guidance of different training programs (combined training programs, whole-body vibration training, rhythmic training programs, strength and plyometric training programs etc.) for improving selected indices of physical fitness and health in untrained and physically active individuals as well as for improving performance in different sports (i.e. soccer, basketball, wrestling etc.). 

Ergometric evaluation for promotion of health as well as for performance enhancement

Evaluation of selected indices of health (obesity level, body composition, blood pressure, respiratory function etc.) and overall fitness (muscle strength and endurance of lower and upper limbs, flexibility, aerobic capacity, static and dynamic balance etc.) in untrained as well as in physically active individuals of different age-groups using various field and laboratory tests. Additionally, our laboratory have been focused on the ergometric evaluation of athletes from different individual and team sports.

Exercise in the workplace

Design, implementation and guidance of individuals or group training programs in the workplace using specific exercises for the protection of human body areas (i.e. neck, lower back, knees, wrists etc.) that are troubled from the sedentary working lifestyles. Development of strategies for increasing workers’ physical activity and for promoting healthy behaviors (healthy eating, reduced alcohol consumption etc.) in the workplace.